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Australia is the world’s smallest continent and the largest island. It is like nowhere else in the world. It has an area as big as mainland of the United States but has a population of only 20 million people.
Australia is one of the best places in the world to live while you learn. The standard of living is amongst the highest in the world, yet costs remain competitive. On your breaks from study, you will have a wide choice of activities to enrich your experience - from cultural festivals, concerts and museums, to major sporting events.
A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, together with the cosmopolitan charisma of cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Australia could be the ideal destination for you.
Australia is probably the most attractive destination in the world for skilled workers, businessmen and even holidaymakers and visitors, with over 80,000 Australia working holiday makers a year and over 60,000 Australia skilled worker visas granted annually!
Australia has had one of the most outstanding economies of the world in recent years. As a high-growth, low-inflation, low interest rate economy, it is more vibrant than ever before. There is an efficient government sector, a flexible labor market and a very competitive business sector.
The internationalization of Australian education and training has been occurring at a rapid rate. Linkages between Australian and overseas schools, universities and colleges, and linkages and exchange between individual students and staff have blossomed. The Australian Department of Education, Science & Training is represented in Pakistan at the Australian High Commission.
Immigration to Australia as a skilled worker grants instant permanent residence status in Australia, providing you meet the basic requirements under the Australian skilled worker points system. Since the pass mark increased in April 2004, Australia have made numerous changes to their skilled worker migration system - even introducing a new lower pass mark for applicants wishing to emigrate to regional areas of Australia!
Most applicants who have extensive business knowledge, who do not qualify under any of the skilled categories may like to consider migration under the business categories. This visa is not points tested, however there are basic requirements in which you must be able to meet along with required funds and a solid business background.
In Australia, students are expected to conduct independent research, collect and analyze data by themselves or in-groups, to raise questions, to participate in discussions and debates with other students and teachers. Rote learning does not exist and students take an active part in the learning process. Students spend a great deal of time in libraries and laboratories conducting their own research. To be a successful student you will need to adapt to these new methods of learning and assessment. Students are assessed continuously through essays, presentations, tests, assignments etc.

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